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Nature Gold Nano Oil

Nature Nano Oil is the first therapeutic essential oil blend created using gold nanotechnology infused with potent herbal extracts that may provide immediate relief for many pain sufferers through its ability to penetrate deeply and quickly into the blood stream, providing oxygen and improving circulation to inflamed areas. 

  • Nature Nano Oil blend has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and sedative properties to alleviate muscle pain and spasms, arthritis joint pain, body pain and tension, bruises and sprains, stiffness, lower back pain, headaches, sinuses, and stress.   
  • Generates heat to help the body stay warm and comfortable during the winter months.
  • Provides comforting effects on moods and emotions, the gentle natural pleasant aromatic essences re-establish balance between body and mind.

The next time you feel the need to open a bottle of pain killer medicine, try a more invigorating method of managing pain provided by nature, without added chemical content, Nature Nano Oil!  You will discover the amazing powers packed into the little bottle of this special therapeutic blend.

.27 FL OZ (8 ML)


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